The lecture covers the following topics:

1. Characteristics of the largest airlines in the world.
2. The analysis of services in tourism is an example of a tourist enterprise - a travel agency.
3. The importance of customer service in the activities of tourist enterprises (travel agencies, airlines, gastronomy companies.
4. Building business relationships with clients in the tourism industry.
5. Employee profile of a travel agency, airline, gastronomy companies.


The seminar covers the following topics:


  1. Characteristics of selected airlines
  2. Stewardess and steward - characteristics of the profession
  3. Organizational structure in a travel agency, division of tasks and competences of employees
  4. Analysis of customer service standards in a modern travel agency.
  5. Diagram of professional commercial conversation with clients.
  6. Stages of building relationships with clients.
  7. Sales techniques in the tourism industry
  8. Basic principles of customer service in gastronomy
  9. The importance of body language in working with clients.
  10. Creating a survey assessing the level of customer satisfaction in the tourism industry