Kurs poświęcony systemom i narzędziom tworzenia wartości dla klienta. Opiera się na metodologii Lean Management i filozofii Kaizen. Słuchacze kursu poznają sposoby określania procesów (produkcyjnych, logistycznych, biurowych), które tworzą w sposób bezpośredni lub pośredni wartość lub nie tworzą wartości i są rozpatrywane jajko źródła strat w przedsiębiorstwie. Słuchacze zapoznają się także z narzędziami stosowanymi w procesach rozwiązywania problemów, optymalizacji procesów, likwidacji strat w procesach. 

In the age of globalisation and liberalisation of the principles of economic cooperation, foreign trade and international logistics are gaining in significance in the business activities of firms. For companies with a good and strong position in a local market, internationalisation is an indispensable step on the way to further development. Export sales give manufacturing and trading companies vast possibilities for development, as well as the chance to increase production, reducing at the same time the unit cost of goods and attaining the benefits of scale. On the other hand, when endeavouring to have attractive and competitive merchandise, manufacturing and trading companies go looking for foreign suppliers of raw materials, subassemblies, ready products of good quality and at an acceptable price.
The international sales of goods usually involves transporting those goods from the premises of the seller to a location selected by the buyer. Transportation can take place in multiple ways: by road, rail, sea, air or a combination thereof (multimodal or intermodal transportation).

The necessity to reduce the risks and problems that can occur during an international sales transaction, has led to the development of international standards in the field of transport, insurance, inspection of goods known as International Commercial Terms (Incoterms®). 
The Incoterms® rules were first introduced by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in 1936. The terms have been revised several times. Since 1980, a revision has been carried out every ten years. The current version of the rules is Incoterms®2020.

The Incoterms® rules create a set of three-letter trade terms reflecting business-to-business practice in contracts for sales of goods. The rules are usually an integral part of each international sales contract or commercial invoice , as well as transport documentation (waybills , forwarding orders ), banking payment instruments (e.g. Letter of Credit , LC) or international cargo insurance.

During this training course students learn basic principles of the International Commercial Rules, get to kknow legal aspects of the international commercial agreements, conventions, transportation documentation required in the international sales transactions. 

Kurs przeznaczony dla studentów Wydziału Politologii i Dziennikarstwa UMCS.

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2. "Zagrożenia bezpieczeństwa w komunikacji międzynarodowej" (POL-BN-2S-ZBKM).